Reunions every 10 years, for everyone

The ten year reunion cycle, which ensures everyone is invited back to the College on a fairly regular basis, has been warmly received. We have invited several year groups back to the College and look forward to welcoming even more in the coming months. Scroll down to read about forthcoming and past reunions.

10 Year Reunions

Past: 2007 Leavers' Reunion 

Past:2005 Leavers' Reunion 

Past:2004 Leavers' Reunion

Past:2003 Leavers' Reunion

Past:2002 Leavers' Reunion

20 Year Reunions

Past:1997-99 Leavers' Reunion

Past:1995-96 Leavers' Reunion

Past:1994 Leavers' Reunion

Past:1993 Leavers' Reunion

Past:1992 Leavers' Reunion 

30 Year Reunions

Past:1987-89 Leavers' Reunion at the OE Annual Dinner

Past:1985-87 Leavers' Reunion at the OE Annual Dinner

Past:1984 Leavers' Reunion at the OE Annual Dinner

Past:1983 Leavers' Reunion at the OE Annual Dinner

Past:1982 Leavers' Reunion at the OE Annual Dinner

40 Year Reunions

Future: 1978-80 Leavers' Reunion 

Past: 1975-77 Leavers' Reunion

Past:1974 Leavers' Reunion

Past:1973 Leavers' Reunion

50 Year Reunions

Past:1964 Leavers' Reunion

Past:1963 Leavers' Reunion


Pre-1960 leavers' Reunions

Past: Pre-1960s Reunion 2014

Past: Pre-1960s Reunion 2011


Pre-1970 leavers' Reunions 

Past: Pre-1970s Reunion 2017

Get Involved
If you are interested in helping gather your year group or have some classic school photos to share, please get in touch

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