"I have enjoyed my time at Epsom, a school that offers a far more diverse range of opportunities than I would have received at my previous school. The experience transformed the number of paths for further education, which I never imagined were possible. I am extremely grateful for the assistance and bursary support, without which, I would not have had access to the plethora of opportunities on offer."                                                                      

A current bursary recipient


Honouring our past, inspiring our future

Since its inception, Epsom College has opened its doors to young people who have gone on to play a huge part in the development of this country and beyond. The Headmaster and Governors are committed to building upon this distinguished history, which is especially vital at a time when the number of families able to afford private education is declining significantly. A central pillar of the College's new development plan is to widen access: socially, geographically and financially, which is guided by the strong belief that diversity enriches teaching and learning for all.

The 2014 bursary provision

During the 2014-15 academic year, £720,000 has been invested in 42 significant means-tested bursaries. These were funded through annual fee income, as well as income generated from the College endowment and donations received by the Education Trust.

Access widening bursaries, which account for the greatest portion of the total expenditure, enable children whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees to enrol their child at Epsom College. The value of each bursary has increased, which reflects parents' needs for greater financial assistance, before embarking upon an extended commitment to fees. 

Hardship bursaries are given to current pupils whose families have undergone a financial hardship, and account for a relatively small portion of the overall bursary allocation.

How can you help?

As a donor, you can help extend the College's bursary provision in two, equally important ways. You can provide immediate and vital support by sponsoring (or helping to sponsor) a pupil all the way through the school, or in the Sixth Form. This provides an immediate and significant impact for the recipient and teaching and learning for all. A second way is to help build a long term endowment for bursaries.

Building a bigger endowment

The long term aim of the Governors is to create a lasting endowment for bursaries. The endowment, currently valued at £3.2 million, is relatively small compared to other schools. An endowment of approximately £14m would guarantee this year's level of bursary provision in perpetuity.

Funds directed to the General Bursary Fund are endowed, meaning only the interest and income that the capital sum generates, is spent each year. To date the Trust has raised £551,000 towards the General Bursary Fund. 

Named bursary funds are also endowed.  The Trust is actively raising funds for two named bursary funds: the Maxwell Phair Bursary Fund and the Neil Laing Bursary Fund. The sum needed to name a bursary is £500,000, which would generate enough income to provide a significant annual bursary in perpetuity.

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