Honouring our past, inspiring our future

Epsom College was established in 1855 entirely through charitable contributions, to provide support for families of medical men who died or experienced significant hardship in their efforts to make a better society. This charitable tradition has evolved over the last 150 years and has benefited many able individuals from a diverse range of social and cultural contexts; in turn, these individuals have broadened and enriched the educational experience of everyone in the College community. Epsom is committed to ensuring that this tradition of benevolence and excellence continues.

Fee income allows for maintenance and upkeep, while true development can only come about through charitable support. The aim of the Education Trust is to seek vital funds that will enable Epsom College to continue developing its facilities and widen access in the 21st century.



To learn more about the history of Epsom College, or the Royal Medical Benevolent College as it was originally known, we recommend Benevolence and Excellence: 150 Years of the Royal Medical Foundation of Epsom College by Alan Scadding, To order a copy, get in touch.

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