Royal Medical Foundation

The Royal Medical Foundation is a charity founded by Dr John Propert in 1855 and administered by Act of Parliament. Its original objectives were to provide an asylum for qualified medical practitioners and their spouses, and to found a school for their sons. Today the RMF is a Registered National Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is managed by a board of Directors drawn from various professions and is located at Epsom College.

The primary aim of the RMF is to assist registered doctors and their families who are in financial hardship. Assistance can be awarded to widows, widowers or children in the form of regular payments or one-off grants. A secondary aim of the RMF is to provide assistance with school fees for children of registered doctors, enabling them to maintain educational stability at times of distress caused by illness, bereavement or financial hardship.

There is a long standing association between Epsom College and the RMF. From the time the College was founded up until the 1960s, all RMF bursary recipients, known as Foundationers, were educated at Epsom College.  In 1969 it was decided that rather than uproot children from other parts of the UK to come to Epsom College, it would be better for the child to be educated closer to home. This change of policy significantly reduced the number of Foundationers at the College. To learn more about bursaries at Epsom College, click here.

To visit the RMF website, click here http://www.royalmedicalfoundation.org/

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