Who's Who in the OE Club

The OE Club Committee meets three times a year at the College.   All OEs are very welcome to put themselves forward for committee membership.  Younger members are particularly sought, so if you would like to assist in driving the Club forward for the benefit of OEs and the College, please get in touch.


 Ian Cunliffe (Cr 1970-74)

President Elect

Christian Elliott (Fa 1991-96)

Vice Presidents

Alan Hagdrup (Cr 1944-50)

Peter Hakim (Cr 1951-56)

Trevor Sears (R 1961-66)

Honorary Treasurer

Ian Hargrave (R 1973-77)

Magazine Editor

Steve McCubbin (C 1969-73)

Cricket Representative

Adam Howard (Cr 1997-02)

Football Representative

Morgan Scale (2000-04)

Golf Representative

Jeremy Morgan (H 2005-10)

Lodge Representative

David Wilson (Cr 1979-84)

Shooting Representative

Jeremy Dodd (Cr 1973-78)

1950s Representative

John Collier (P 1955-60)

1990s Representative

Clare Jeens née Huxter (Wh 1997-99)

2000s Representative


Common Room Representative

Mike Hobbs

OE Trust Fund Trustees

Pritesh Desai (Fa 1982-86)

James Cunningham-Davis (Fa 1983-86)

OE Club Co-ordinator

Sue Croucher


01372 821294

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